Kindergarten Lesson Plans- Month 1, Week 3

| |Monday |Tuesday |Wednesday |Thursday |Friday |

|Sentences | Complete the sentence, then point to|Put the words from the sentence |Repeat yesterday’s activity, then |Write the sentence on the same |Point to and read the sentence. |

| |and read it. |back into the correct order |glue onto 12 x 18” construction |page. Then, draw a matching | |

| | |(sticky-notes) |paper |picture. | |

|Letters |Direct instruction: Point to and say |Sort all the M cards together-do |Write Mm 5 xs blue, Aa 5 xs green, |Make a list of words that start |Find then highlight beginning word sounds |

| |each letters name. Then write and say|the same for each letter. Practice |Tt 5 xs red, Ss 5xs yellow, Cc - |with each letter. Match picture |of words that start with MATSC. |

| |each. |sounds. |pink |cards to words. | |

|Phonemic awareness |Make a list of words with the focused|Sort word cards by ending sounds. |Make the words, by adding magnets |Write the words. |Read the Printable book. |

| |ending sound | |or letter cards. |Find the words in the Printable | |

| | | | |Book | |

|Math |Count aloud 1-20 then circle the |Sing the ABCs in order, then |Using the flashcards, say if it is |Cut out the # and letter squares |Make a list of numbers and letters |

| |numbers on the number sheet. |highlight the letters. |a number or a letter. |and sort on a t-chart | |

|Science | | |List the types of weather: rainy, |Make a weather flip book for each |Make an illustration of today’s weather |

| | | |sunny, foggy, windy, stormy, cloudy|type of weather. |and write/tell about it. |

|Social Studies |

| |

|A |cat |is | |

| | | | |

|M |a |t |s |

|I |am |a |I |

|a |a |I |am |

Directions: Cut then sort the words into groups.


am, I

A cat is _____


-at -as

#s to ABCs




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