Protein Synthesis Race!!

´╗┐Protein Synthesis Race!!

On my website (kimestry.), on the Honors Biology tab, click on the "Protein Synthesis Race" link! Part I: TRANSCRIPTION is the copying of a gene to make __________ . In order for transcription to occur, what must first happen to DNA? ________________________. What enzyme is used during transcription? __________________________________________. Describe its job:

Draw a description of how the bases pair in transcription... Start Material (Template): __________ Final Material (What is made): __________

What happens to the DNA after transcription is finished?

What happens to the mRNA after transcription is finished?

Complete the quick quiz and save your game!! Part II: RNA moves from ______________________ to _________________ for the process of TRANSLATION! What is the monomer of a protein? ___________________________________ What determines the function of a protein?

mRNA delivers the instructions of how to make proteins in chunks called ____________. Each one is _____ nucleotide bases long. Each one codes for ______ amino acid(s)! Draw a picture (doesn't have to be exact...) of tRNA. How does it differ from mRNA?

What determines which amino acid is placed in the ribosome: the codon or the anticodon? Where is this found (on which type of the RNA)?

When a tRNA molecule is placed on the ribosome, what happens to the tRNA molecule that was there before it?

What happens to the amino acid that was there before it?

Once the protein is done being translated, what happens to the ribosome?

Complete the quick quiz and save your game! When you are finished, submit your game to me (kschoch@)!


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