David Icke Exposed as a SUN LION (Apollyon) worshiper

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The Pagan Liar David Icke Exposed as a SUN LION (Apollyon) worshiper

Apollyon the Beast & Mercury the False prophet

David Icke leaning on a Lion (Apollyon/Devil) statue and making the Eagle Claw hand sign of Mercury the False prophet

Notice he deliberately posed with "female angels", a Pentagram Star/Sun & other pagan symbols in the background


Below: The poster David Icke used for his German show tour


The poster shows a lion (Apollyon/Devil) with Suns for eyes and a 6 pointed Star (Sun) on the lion's forehead.

So the poster has 3 Suns and therefore says: SUN SUN SUN

Sun is a name of Apollyon the Destroyer, the Pagan Sun god who is the Beast from the Book of Revelation

The Sun is one of the Beast's marks and the Holy Bible describes Satan as a Lion.

The lion (Devil) on David Ickes show poster has the mark of the Beast on it's forehead

David Icke will not give a straight answer to any questions about this.

David Icke no longer has to give any answer because he is completely BUSTED!

David Icke you worship the Devil!

3:24 of this video you will see this poster

7:15 of this videoDavid Icke is questioned about this poster but he evades any straight answer


I am not the maker of this video

The Pagans have even used the Greek language to hide the name SUN LION in the calendar...

The Greek word for JULY is IO-LIOS

IO Means SUN


JULY is a cryptic name for SUN LION (Apollyon the Destroyer - The Pagan's SUN god)

David Icke with his collection of LION/APOLLYON pictures

David Ickes points at the painting by the illuminati witch Neil Hague which is on David Icke's book cover

called "The LION Sleeps no more - Human race get off your knees"

The LION is Apollyon (The king of the Beasts - Beast is a Nephilim)


David Icke says on video that every night he sits in his chair and talks to this painting

He says: "I speak to my LION" (I speak to my Apollyon)


David Icke's tour poster takes the story deeper into Icke's "Rabbit Hole Matrix" by adding rays

to the SUN eyes of the LION (Apollyon) and further adding a STAR/SUN on the forehead.

The SUN symbol is a Mark of the Beast (Apollyon)


David Icke says his grand daughter painted him this picture of a LION (Apollyon king of the Beasts/Nephilim)


David Icke has a thing for a LION (Apollyon the Destroyer)


David Icke also likes to keep an OWL which is "coincidentally" dressed in Black & White


David Icke points at: "My Favourite picture"


David Icke's FAVOURITE picture is of a LION standing in the SUN - A SUN LION (Apollyon the Destroyer)


David Icke even quotes from the writing beneath the SUN LION


Here is the video the stills were taken from so you can hear David Icke hang himself with his own words

The video is a tour of one of the properties owned by millionaire publisher David Icke (which he "humbly" calls "My flat")

I did not make this video


If you like you may also notice that in the video David Icke has forgotten he is supposed to have restricted hand

movement due to arthritis (particularly with his left hand)

David Icke loves THE SUN LION: Apollyon aka Alexander the Great who is the Pagan SUN god


Message to David Icke.....

I have busted you organising a team of your fans in a pathetic"organised" plot to discredit me, I have outed you as a malicious slanderer and I have busted you over and over again as a Devil worshiper, a witch, a Freemason and of course a liar.

I publicly challenge you to a live debate (yet again)

You are a coward and a liar who has decieved many people with your warped Pagan Devil worshiping doctrine.

You have even claimed to be jesus Christ

I claim you are a Witch who worships the Devil

The time has come for you to answer the questions!

I am calling you out you lying slandering Devil worshiping pagan bastard

For the article destroying this malicious deceitful slandering liar:CLICK HERE!

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