Today’s Best Annuities

´╗┐Today's Best Annuities

How to Find the Annuity That Will Help You Meet Your Goals

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Why More People Are Looking at Annuities

? Protected from declining stock prices ? Protected from rising interest rates ? Earn a higher yield ? Protected from creditors ? Protect loved ones

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Goals An Annuity Can Meet

? Guarantee minimum income for life ? Protect your principal ? Limit or eliminate investment losses ? Professional management ? Tax-deferral ? Earn a=rac>ve yields

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Why the Negative Headlines?

? Can be complicated ? Can have high fees ? Returns can be overstated ? OCen purchased the wrong way These problems don't apply to all annui>es

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Finding The Solution For You

? the right type of annuity for your goals ? the best of that type for you ? one you understand ? purchased the right way

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Retirement Watch Key Advice

Shop around Increase life>me income by ~20%

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