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Dear _____________________________,

I am planning to participate in an amazing educational program in Orlando, Florida, this (insert Spring/Summer) with my friends and classmates from (insert school name)! We’ll spend a total of (insert number of days) days together in Orlando learning really cool things about science. Here are some of the awesome activities that are planned for us on our Science in Motion program:

• Disney’s Epcot®: Explore interactive attractions like a space travel simulator, a car manufacturer’s test track, and a 5.7 million gallon aquarium with creatures from all parts of the ocean.

• Kennedy Space Center: Take the tram tour, and have lunch with a NASA astronaut.

• SeaWorld®: Touch real sharks as part of a lesson designed just for us to learn about the protection and preservation of the endangered coral reef habitat.

• Fort DeSoto State Park: Participate in a coastal clean-up on the beach, and collect water quality data for coastal conservation research.

In order to take part in this totally unique adventure, I need to raise $ (insert price of trip). Please help me by sponsoring a portion of my trip. Any contribution you could make would bring me that much closer to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please send your contribution to me at (insert student/parent name, mailing address including state and zip code).

Please call or email me if you have any questions or want to hear more about this really great learning opportunity. WorldStrides is the educational travel company organizing our trip, and you can check out for information about their trips and safety record. Thank you for your consideration


(Name of Student)

(Telephone # and/or email address if desired)


Yes, I will sponsor (Name of Student) for:

____ $15 ____ $25 ____ $50 ____ $75 Other Amount $_____


Sponsor’s Name (please print)

Please attach a check made payable to WorldStrides

Mail it to me: (insert mailing address including state and zip code).

If you would like to talk to the trip organizer, please contact:

(insert teacher name, high school, phone number, email address)


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