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Ariwan Rakvit, MD Associate Professor Interim Chief, Division of Gastroenterology Texas Tech University Health Science Center

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? Diagnosis and Terminology used in endoscopic procedure in gastroenterology

? Basic and advanced endoscopy procedures and techniques in gastroenterology (videos) will be shown for each procedure)

? Current ICD-9 & CPT coding instruction ? "Multiple Endoscopy Reimbursement"

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? Pharynx ? Upper esophageal

sphincter (UES) ? Upper esophagus ? Middle esophagus ? Lower esophagus ? Lower esophageal

sphincter (LES) *Most common endoscopic

report using Location by distance from incisors (CM)*

Normal esophagus ? endoscopic view

Lower esophageal sphincter (LES) endoscopic view

Stomach - Gastric

Stomach Endoscopy

? Video file


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