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The Pre-approach

Planning Your Sales Call and Presentation

Pro. Selling-Chapter 7


Learning Objective

After studying this Chapter, you should be able:

Explain the importance of sales call planning

Establish effective sales call objectives

Develop a customer benefit plan Describe the prospect's mental steps in their decision making

Explain the different types of sales presentation methods and determine the best one to use

Better understand the importance of securing appointment

Develop an appointment getting strategy

Develop an effective negotiation plan

Pro. Selling-Chapter 7


Main topics

Strategic customer sales planning Planning the sales call Determining sales call objectives Getting the appointment Call reluctance Developing customer profile Developing customer benefit plan Developing sales presentation The prospect's mental steps Sales presentation methods ? Select one carefully The group presentation Negotiation so everybody wins What is the best presentation methods

Pro. Selling-Chapter 7


Exhibit 7-1: The Pre-approach Involves Planning the Sales Presentation

Pro. Selling-Chapter 7


Exhibit 7:1b: The Third Step in the Sales Process is the First Step in the Sales Presentation

. The sales presentation

method determines how

you open your presentation

1. Prospecting 2. Preapproach 3. Approach 4. Presentation 5. Trial close 6. Determine objections 7. Meet objections

8. Trial close 9. Close 10. Follow-up

Pro. Selling-Chapter 7



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