Presidential Greatness

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US Government Chapter 13

Study Guide

Directions: For this study guide and all that follow, read the chapter(s) entirely. Answer the questions (or define the terms) on this sheet. Do so accurately and thoroughly. Add information to it during class, and use to review for your tests. You are responsible for accuracy.

Chapter 13

The Presidents

1. What are the (3) formal requirements to become president?

2. List and explain the two ways people become president:

3. Twenty-second Amendment –

4. Explain the process of impeachment:

5. Watergate –

6. Twenty-fifth Amendment –

Presidential Powers

7. List and explain the 4 categories of Presidential Constitutional Powers as listed in Table 13.3.

8. Why is the office of the president more powerful today than it was when George Washington was president?

9. What are some pros and cons of a powerful presidency?

Running the Government

10. What are the formal and informal jobs of the Vice President?

11. Cabinet –

12. National Security Council –

13. Council of Economic Advisors –

14. Office of Management and Budget –

15. What are some of the responsibilities of the White House Staff? How is it different from the cabinet?

Presidential Leadership of Congress

16. What does it mean to be “chief legislator” and what gives the President the ability to have this power?

17. Veto –

18. Pocket veto –

19. Describe the President’s role as “party leader.”

20. Describe the daunting task of gaining public support. What is the result of low and high public opinion ratings?

21. What is an electoral mandate and why is it important?

22. Describe the legislative skills of the President.

The President and National Security Policy

23. What is the President’s role in shaping national security policy? Foreign Policy?

24. Executive agreements –

25. Explain the President’s role as commander in chief.

26. War Powers Resolution –

27. Legislative veto –

28. Why is the President important in a crisis?

Power from the People

29. What are at least three different factors that influence a president’s public approval ratings?

30. Bully pulpit –

31. What does it mean for a president to mobilize the public?


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