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Workbook On The

Book Of Romans

Excavations of the Forum in Rome

"To all who are in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 1:7)

? 2019 David Padfield

Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


I. Introduction Salutation Author Destination Greeting Occasion Theme

1:1?17 1:1?7 1:1?5 1:6?7a 1:7b 1:8?15 1:16?17

II. The Need of Divine Righteousness The Decline of the Gentile World The Doom of the Critic The Dilemma of the Jew The Universal Condemnation

1:18?3:20 1:18?32 2:1?16 2:17?3:8 3:9?20

III. The Manifestation of Divine Righteousness The Medium of Righteousness: Faith The Basis of Righteousness: Promise The Attainment of Righteousness The Aspects of Practical Righteousness The Results of Righteousness: Life in the Spirit

3:21?8:39 3:21?31 4:1?25 5:1?21 6:1?7:25 8:1?39

IV. The Relation of Righteousness to the Jew The Election of Israel The Salvation of Israel The Failure of Israel

9:1?11:36 9:1?33 10:1?21 11:1?36

V. The Application of Righteousness to Church Life Call to Consecration The Use of Gifts Personal Relationships Political Relationships Public Relationships Fraternal Relationships

12:1?15:13 12:1?2 12:3?8

12:9?21 13:1?7 13:8?14 14:1?15:13

VI. Conclusion Personal Plans Request for Prayer

15:14?33 15:14?29 15:30?33

VII. Postscript Greetings Benediction

16:1?27 16:1?24 16:25?27

(The above outline is by Merrill C. Tenney, New Testament Survey, p. 305)

Romans: The Gospel Of God's Righteousness




A. Salutation (1:1?7)

1. What was promised "before through His prophets" (1:2)?

2. How was Christ declared to be the Son of God (1:4)?

3. What had Paul received from Christ (1:5)?

4. How are we "called in Christ Jesus" (1:6)?

5. Define "saint" (1:7) [Gr. hagios, SR# 40].

B. Occasion (1:8?15)

1. Why did Paul thank God (1:8)?

2. What did Paul mention in his prayers (1:9?10)?

3. Why did Paul want to see the brethren in Rome (1:11)?

Romans: The Gospel Of God's Righteousness


4. How was Paul a debtor (1:14)? To whom?

C. Theme (1:16?17)

1. What is "God's power unto salvation" (1:16)? 2. What is "the righteousness of God" (1:17)? 3. Explain the phrase, "from faith to faith" (1:17).


A. The Decline of the Gentile World (1:18?32)

1. How do wicked men "suppress the truth in unrighteousness" (1:18)? 2. Define "Godhead" (1:20) [Gr. theiotes, SR# 2305]. 3. What four steps did the Gentiles take as they left God (1:21)? 4. Explain the phrase, "God also gave them up" (1:24).

Romans: The Gospel Of God's Righteousness


5. What sin is specified in Romans 1:26?27? 6. Of the sins mentioned in Romans 1:28?32, which ones are people most prone to

minimize? 7. Explain the phrase, "worthy of death" (1:32).

B. The Doom of the Critic (2:1?16)

1. Who were the "judges" in Romans 2:1? Why were they condemned? 2. On what basis will God judge us (2:2?6)? 3. What will God do with those who "do not obey the truth" (2:8)? 4. Who are those who "sinned without law" (2:12)? What law? 5. Who is "just in the sight of God" (2:13)? 6. How was the "work of the law written in their hearts" (2:15)?

Romans: The Gospel Of God's Righteousness



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