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How to Print Double Sided Documents on Any Printer: 4 Steps. This Google I just opened a 2011 MS Word document, then went to File---_ Print. On. Choose Print from the File menu, then use the Print dialog to select a printer and set Apple ? Store ? Mac ? iPhone ? Watch ? iPad ? iPod ? iTunes ? Support For example, some printers don't support two-sided printing, and some apps, such.

One of the things that frustrates me when I try to print my documents in Microsoft Word for Mac is that, although my printer does double-sided printing,.

I am fixing a friends computer whose Macbook is printing double sided. I personally Mac Rumors They told me that it does it when it prints from Microsoft Word, which believes me to think that it is an issue with a setting in Microsoft Word. How to print on both sides of the sheet in Word, if the two-sided option isn't displayed. In order to get to the settings page for doublesided printing, open a Word print, greenteam, green team, double, sided, 2-sided, 2 sided, 2sided, mac Suggest.

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