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FROM: HQ AF/A4 1030 Air Force Pentagon Washington, DC 20330

SUBJECT: Department of the Air Force Guidance Memorandum to Air Force Instruction (AFI) 23-101, Materiel Management

By Order of the Secretary of the Air Force (SecAF), Air Force Instruction (AFI) 23-101 Materiel Management, is re-designated Department of the Air Force (DAF) Instruction (DAFI) 23101, and this DAF Guidance Memorandum (DAFGM) immediately implements changes to DAFI 23-101. Compliance with this memorandum is mandatory. To the extent its direction is inconsistent with other Air Force publications, the information herein prevails in accordance with DAFI 33-360, Publications and Forms Management.

This memorandum includes significant changes and must be reviewed in its entirety. Changes incorporate Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness corrections; updated guidance for Defense Property Accountability System processes; Force Activity Designator management; Rewarehousing Projects; and WRM Direct Vendor Delivery Process. This guidance is applicable to the entire DAF, including all civilian employees and uniformed members of the United States Space Force (USSF), Regular Air Force, the Air Force Reserve, the Air National Guard, the Civil Air Patrol when conducting missions as the official Air Force Auxiliary, and those with a contractual obligation to abide by the terms of DAF issuances. Note: All references to United States Air Force (USAF) terminology, units, and positions will also apply to the equivalent in the USSF, as appropriate. For example, references to Airmen will also apply to Guardians. References to MAJCOMs or NAFs will apply to field commands. References to wings will also apply to deltas or garrisons. Air Staff roles and responsibilities (i.e. AF/A1) may also apply to the equivalent Office of the Chief of Space Operations (Space Staff) office (i.e. SF/S1), as appropriate.

The use of an asterisk (*) identifies a substantive change over the previous guidance. It becomes void after one year has elapsed from the date of this memorandum, upon publication of an interim change to, or rewrite of DAFI 23-101, whichever is earlier.

Attachment: Changes to DAFI 23-101, 22 Oct 2020

WARREN D. BERRY Lieutenant General, USAF DCS/Logistics, Engineering & Force Protection

DAFI23-101_DAFGM2021-01 Attachment

Changes to DAFI 23-101, 22 Oct 2020 (Replaced) Receive the annually updated listing and will use this as authorization of approved HPMSKs. HPMSK authorization will be deleted upon notification from AF/A4LR. (Replaced) The MAJCOM appoints a MAJCOM Program Manager to manage the MMHS/SAS program and assigns a MAJCOM Focal Point to each funded requirement within that command. The MAJCOM Program Manager is responsible for assembling and prioritizing MMHS/SAS requirements and submitting this list, with Concept Papers for each requirement, annually to AFMC for funding. The MAJCOM Program Manager also advises AFMC of Military Construction (MILCON) projects (e.g. new warehouses and air freight terminals) that may require MMHS/SAS. MAJCOMs will ensure property is accounted for throughout warehousing and rewarehousing projects, in accordance with AFMAN 23-122 and DoDM 4140.70, DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures for Storage and Material Handling. (T-0). (Replaced) Import and edit 7SC data, flying hours and Quantity Per Aircraft data for RSPs. (Added) Ensure physical inventory frequency, currency, and accuracy for subordinate activities in accordance with paragraph 5.7 of this instruction. (Replaced) Ensure proper wholesale requirements computation. This includes establishing and maintaining Readiness Based Sparing (RBS) models and periodically reviewing and maintaining RBS data and associated factors. (Replaced) Request CSAG-S Stock Fund Cost Authority in the BES to match the MAJCOM O&M POM submitted to the Spares Requirement Review Board. (Added) Receive, validate, and create Unit Identification Codes (UIC) upon Higher Headquarter requests. Utilize the Secure AFPC Personnel Accounting Symbol (PAS) Code Application to confirm or obtain the correct UIC. (Added) The PAS Organization Register is the official source for AF unit information. (Added) Official sources for non-AF units are special orders, contracts, support agreements, or other correspondence (e.g., NASA, Red Cross, etc.). (Replaced) Complete equipment authorization Out-of-Balance validation quarterly for assets remaining in the incorrect AF Equipment IT system. (Added) Compare the total authorized quantity to the current on-hand balances in ILSS and DPAS, as well as, existing requisitions against the custodial account. (Added) Correct all variances and return the computed balances to the approved total authorized quantity (e.g., requisition, return, cancellation, etc.). (Replaced) Notify the local servicing auditor of an account deactivation as soon as the

DAFI23-101_DAFGM2021-01 Attachment

Changes to DAFI 23-101, 22 Oct 2020

deactivation date is known. (T-1). Note: An audit is not required to delete an account; however, auditor general personnel should be made aware of the opportunity to audit accounts being inactivated. (Added) Maintain Squadron Readiness functions and ensure LRS Unit Control Center (UCC) processes. The UCC may be staffed by permanent personnel with augmentation during contingencies and surge operations. Maintain squadron recall rosters. Serve as the squadron level WRM Manager for the WRM program. (T-2). See AFI 25-101and Chapter 2 of this instruction for additional information on WRM responsibilities. Serve as the unit Resource Readiness monitor in accordance with AFI 10-201, Force Readiness Reporting. (T-2).

1.6.5. (DELETED) (Replaced) Be responsible to the LRS CC/APO for the processing, handling, COSIS and material handling equipment. Ensure flight personnel adhere to and apply proper inspection, issue, storage, warehousing, re-warehousing, and materiel handling techniques. (T-1).

1.6.15. (Replaced) Central Storage Element (LGRMSS). Key duties include storing supply and equipment items, to include classified and sensitive items and War Consumables Distribution Objective (WCDO) items and NWRM in accordance with AFI 20-110. Other key duties include selecting items to be issued, shipped or transferred; conducting warehouse validations; and maintaining central locator functions, managing the DPAS in-warehouse equipment custodial number on behalf of the APO. (Replaced) Review accuracy of DPAS AF Form 601, Equipment Action Request. Ensure equipment custodians and commanders are signing and utilizing a DPAS Custodian Inventory reports, and when equipment exists concurrently in ILS-S, a Customer Authorization/Custody Receipt Listing (CA/CRL) from ILS-S. (T-1). Organization commanders must return DPAS overage equipment or submit and authorization request within 30 days of the initial notification. (T-1). Note: Authorized equipment listings are processed using ILS-S or DPAS. (Replaced) Manage DPAS equipment transfers and 99S Requisition Tracing Action for lateral SPRAM Transfers. (T-1). Provide DPAS FSM reports to organizations as required to identify authorizations and requirements. Identify organization overages and suspense units to return equipment or submit an authorization change request to retain property. (T-1). Utilize the FSM Authorization Management On-Hand Report to identify organization overages on a monthly basis.

* (Replaced) Inform base level custodians of new DPAS processes, and update local training as required. Provide and document initial and annual equipment custodian Block III training. Ensure COMSEC training is provided. COMSEC training is mandatory for custodians who oversee COMSEC assets.

1.6.22. (Replaced) Flight Service Center (LGRMMF). This element serves as the primary point of contact with units regarding repair cycle management. Key duties include managing supply points,

DAFI23-101_DAFGM2021-01 Attachment

Changes to DAFI 23-101, 22 Oct 2020

time-change, TCTOs, DIFM, Found On Base (FOB), AWP, turn-around, local manufacture, and Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) programs. Flight Services Center will: (Replaced) Process DIFM returns and serve as the single return processing point for materiel in stock record accounts B and E. Note: Process includes both ILS-S and DPAS managed returns. (Replaced) Ensure proper use of Urgency Justification Code and Force Activity Designators (FAD) codes. In accordance with DoDM 4140.0, Volume 8, and CJCSI 4110.01E, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) is delegated authority to assign FADs II through V to assigned units, activities, projects, and programs. The Air Force delegates this authority to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, Plans and Requirements (AF/A3). FAD I recommendations will be submitted by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Engineering and Force Protection (AF/A4).

* (Replaced) FAD overrides will only be supported for deployments as outlined in CJCSI 4110.01E. (T-0).

1.6.23. (Replaced) Decentralized Materiel Support (DMS) (LGRMMA, LGRMMB, LGRMMC, etc. except LGRMMF). DMS personnel coordinate maintenance and materiel management actions, manage supply transactions for their assigned maintenance activity, monitor and track assets in the repair cycle, resolve support problems and report aircraft parts status to maintenance supervision. DMS personnel also support maintenance in processing issue requests, researching sources of supply, researching NSN demilitarization and disposal requirements, entering manual requisitions (part number only), updating exception code lists, and resolving other peculiar maintenance supply problems. DMS personnel will: (Replaced) Metrics Updates. A4LR provides a data call schedule, to include DASD (Logistics) Supply Chain Operations Group (SCOG) monthly metrics, prior to the beginning of each fiscal year (October) and provide updates as required. (Deleted) (Deleted) (Deleted) (Replaced) Data Call Responses. MAJCOMs provide responses to AF/A4L annual data calls within the time lines of the A4L data call schedule.

* (Added) The DPAS Force Systems Management (FSM) module is the authoritative source for managing equipment authorizations. The FSM Officer and Authorization Managers are the primary managers of the FSM module and authorizations contained within the system. Items not requiring authorization management may still require accountable property records if the item meets the thresholds prescribed in DoDI 5000.64. See DPAS SharePoint guides for procedures.

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Changes to DAFI 23-101, 22 Oct 2020 (Replaced) Transfers within the DoD. It is DoD and AF policy that materiel assets be utilized within the DoD to the fullest extent possible. NWRM assets will not be transferred without written approval from the wholesale IM in accordance with AFI 20-110. Assets of one military service shall be transferred to fill requirements of another military service requirement. Transfer excess AF assets to DoD activities using ISSP. Conduct ISSP interrogations for asset availability, offers of excess assets, and transfers. (Replaced) Inventory Valuation. Monitoring Moving Average Cost (MAC). Records Maintenance will process a monthly query to detect MAC values of zero (0). If a MAC value of zero (0) is detected, Records Maintenance will contact the appropriate LRS/Customer Support for correction. Exceptions to this policy is the Military Assistance Program (MAP) RID-HM8, 76 stock class. The MAC value of zero (0) is permitted. (Replaced) For deployments and transfers, details will contain deployment indicators, and accountability for the items will remain at the home-station. Establish deployment indicators as follows:

* (Added) Authorized Locally Procured Equipment. DPAS P-Serialized stock numbers are used and identified with the character string of "PAFMC" proceeding the Federal Stock Class. The 6-position serial number will follow the "PAFMC" stock number identifier. Example: 4920PAFMC000001.

* (Replaced) Originators of LP requests will ensure funding is available, provide a full description of the requested item, provide required multiple commercial sources as defined by the FAR and if requested, justification letters through the organization commander or designated authority. (T-1). For HAZMAT, the originator must obtain HMMP authorization in accordance with AFMAN 32-7002 for the specific hazardous item prior to procurement. (T-1).

* (Added) F-35 Materiel Processing. Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) receipts are processed in accordance with AFI 24-602, Volume 2. To fulfill deployment taskings, Unit Type Code training objectives, or home station F-35 operational requirements, 2S0XX personnel, in the event 2T0XX are unavailable, may perform F-35 receipt processing only with approval by A4LR Distribution and Vehicle Management Branch. (Replaced) Hazardous Material. These assets will be authorized, input in EESOH-MIS, and tracked in accordance with AFMAN 32-7002. (T-1).

* (Added) Ensure disposal and demilitarization requirements of used Bench Stock items are processed in accordance with paragraph 6.3 of this instruction. (T-1). Note: Qualifying items placed on Bench Stock could have unique demilitarization requirements and using organizations are responsible for appropriate disposal.

* (Replaced) Assets will be maintained per AFJMAN 23-210, and DoDM 4140.27, Volume 1 and 2, and TO's: 11D1-3- 11-1, Operators Manual, Individual Equipment Decon Kit, M295; 11H2-14-5-1, Operating Instructions, Paper, Chemical Agent, M8; 11H2-2-21, Operators


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