Welcome to the Guidebook Guide for use during the: 2021 ...

´╗┐Welcome to the Guidebook Guide for use during the:

2021 Strong Families AZ Home Visiting Conference

Empathy, Equity and Engagement

Statewide Agenda: September 14-15 Tribal Agenda: September 16 High-Risk Perinatal Agenda: September 17

10th Anniversary 2021 Strong Families AZ Home Visiting Conference

What's in this Quick Guide to the Guidebook App?

? How to download the Guidebook App on your Mobile Device ? How to access the Guidebook Web Page on your Laptop ? What's the difference and how do they work together? ? Why is the Guidebook App important for everyday of the Strong

Families AZ Home Visiting Conference?

? for Conference Information ? to find our Guide on your Mobile App ? is the URL for the Guide on your Laptop

Why Guidebook App & Webpage?

? Guidebook has a mobile app and a webpage interface, the perfect combination!

? We need the Mobile App for quick posting of fun photos, interaction with other attendees, awarding prizes and processing evaluations after each session. It's a great repository of information too!

? The Webpage allows you to see the session information as well as the Zoom link for the session itself. You won't have to watch the session on a mobile device or through another application. You can click on the Webpage agenda, then the session, and watch the session through your monitor. You can post questions and comments in the Discussion area of the session on the Webpage too!

? While you can use them independently, they work best together!

? Please test the Guidebook App and Webpage together long before the conferences begin.

? Early downloading and scrolling will show you just how easily you can find the information and enjoy the program.

Important to Remember:

? For the best experience, you will need to open the Mobile App and the Webpage together. The Mobile App can be your quick reference for the agenda and links to the evaluations for all sessions. You can take photos with your camera or tablet and post them for other home visitors to see.

? Guidebook Mobile App is FREE to download onto your mobile device

? Guidebook Webpage is FREE to access through your web browser but is recommended for optimal experience with Google Chrome

? For optimal viewing experience, you should watch the sessions through the Guidebook Webpage from a computer.

? You will need to have your mobile device open to the same Guidebook Guide to the session you are watching so you may complete the evaluation upon conclusion of the session

? Session evaluations need to be completed to receive a certificate of attendance or the CEU certificate for the HRPP Conference.


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