Designing a Logo Project

Designing a Logo Project

Many organizations use conics in their logos. Toyota and McDonald’s actually use conic sections multiple times in theirs. Can you name the conic section used in each?

[pic] [pic]

Goal: Design your own interesting logo composed of conic sections for an organization.


1. Create an original concept for a business with a corresponding logo of your choice.

2. Create a design by writing equations for the parts of the logo. You will need your library of functions along with the conic sections to complete this project.

3. You must have at least twenty five functions as part of your logo, using the following rules:

• At least twenty of the functions must be non-linear. Your project is allowed to have lines, but you should have a total of twenty functions that aren’t linear. Within this category, be sure to include at least one of each of the following non-linear functions:

i. Quadratic

ii. Exponential

iii. Logarithmic

iv. Trigonometric

v. Inverse Trigonometric

vi. Polynomial of degree 3 or higher

vii. Absolute value

viii. Rational

• Also include at least one of each of the following: ellipse, circle, hyperbola and parabola.

4. You are encouraged to use more than 25 functions. More functions will result in a higher grade. Use the Desmos graphing calculator at to graph your functions. You can use pieces of functions by restricting the domain and range of each (for example, typing {0 ................

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