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Phone: 1-800-809-6020

fax 1-941-927-3877

International: 941-922-3808


Instructions for Listing Agreement

1. Fill out all areas to the best of your ability. 2. Information must be accurate as this information will be passed on to the prospective purchaser.

Seller is responsible for inaccuracies and/or omissions.

3. Sign the listing agreement where indicated and fax back to 1-941-927-3877, return by mail or you

may scan and email back.

4. Send any information you can supply to help in the sale of your time share. 5. IMPORTANT: You must notify us if you space bank, rent, or in any way make your timeshare not

usable for the next available usage. If we do not hear from you we will assume all information on the listing agreement is accurate and the week is available for usage.


1. Your listing will be posted on all of our web sites at and . You will have three pictures and a complete description of the resort. The listing will appear with pricing and any "bonus" extras you choose to throw in. TIP: Tell us what you've done with your time share (exchanges, etc.) and we'll include what we can with your ad.

2. We have some of the most popular internet web sites for time shares. We make sure our web site is seen by anyone looking for a time share on the web. We also share our listings with around 50 other brokers who meet our standards of ethics, so your listing is going to be seen by a LOT of folks.

3. Most sales come with our exclusive one-year Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee gives the buyer the extra "comfort zone" they need to do business. (98% of resale buyers do not see the resort they are buying until sometime much later) This guarantee is of no cost to you and does not obligate you in any fashion. It helps get your time share sold. From time to time we also have special promotions we offer buyers as an incentive to do business with us. This again is of no obligation or cost to you.

4. We're going to make this really easy for you. We're going to find the buyer for you, collect the initial deposit, do the contract for you to sign and see this all the way to closing. Sit back and relax! We're here to do the work for you.

Island Consulting Realty

10351 Saddlebow Lane Sarasota Florida




fax 1-941-927-3877

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage



1. This agreement is non-exclusive; you may use other brokers or agencies without cost or obligation to Island Consulting.

2. It is the owners' responsibility to contact Island Consulting, Inc. in writing if the property is no longer available for sale. This will stop further efforts by us to secure a buyer. You're about to hire us to do a job for you. Just like any Real Estate Brokerage, we earn our commission only once we can provide to you a ready, willing and able buyer who has signed a contract to purchase your time share at full asking price ("full asking price" means any amount within $25 of your stated asking price) or a price that you agree to. If the property has already been sold or taken off the market, AND if Island Consulting was not notified in writing, we are due our full commission. (so tell us if something changes!)

3. All proceeds from the sale will be disbursed in a timely manner upon closing by the title company handling the closing.

4. Owner shall indemnify and hold Island Consulting, Inc., its officers and employees harmless against and from any misrepresentations or omissions made herein by owner or failure of owner to perform hereunder. Seller(s) warrants that the information in this Agreement is true and correct to the best of his/her/their knowledge and belief, and may be used as a basis for presenting the property to prospective buyers. Seller is obligated to inform Broker of any material changes in the information contained herein.

5. This agreement shall be in effect for eighteen (18) months from the date of signing. It may be cancelled without cost or obligation by either party with three days written notice.

6. The commission is a flat fee of $1500. For properties worth less than $1500, we'll "get rid of it for you" and our commission is whatever the property brings on the market, up to the $1500 regular commission. Your ONLY cost for the sale of your time share will be our commission. Closing costs are paid by the buyer at time of closing.

7. Once you sign your listing agreement: DO NOT BANK ANY MORE WEEKS. Only if your week is within 30 days of starting should you bank your week so that you don't lose it. Your goal is to sell the timeshare, not give it to the exchange company. Call us if you have any questions on this.

******PLEASE PRINT******

******PLEASE PRINT******

******PLEASE PRINT******

OWNER: __________________________________CO-OWNER: _______________--___________________________

PHONE: HOME (______) ____________________ CELL: (_____) __________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________ WORK #: ___________________ FAX: ___________________


CITY: _____________________________

STATE: _________________ ZIP:_________




RESORT INFORMATION (Please fill in all data required)

Resort Name:___________________________________________________________

Resort Address:__________________________________ City: ____________

State or Country: _________Zip: ________

Pick ONE: A) I own a fixed week (Unit: ________ on the __________ floor, for week # _________) OR

B) I own a floating week at my resort (Unit:________ week #__________) and the week numbers I can use it at my resort are:

Weeks Numbers: ______________________ I CAN NOT use it at my resort during these week numbers: ___________________

C) Points per year (only if you are in a points program) ____________

Anniversary date of points (when you get your new allotment of points each year) :______________

Every Year Ownership? Yes _____ Odd Years only _______ Even Years only ________

Day of the week your timeshare starts (Friday, Saturday, etc.):______________

Is your week available for usage at your resort this year? ____ If not, what year is the week available for usage?____



Unit Size (CIRCLE ONE): Efficiency Studio 1 B/R. 2 B/R. 3 B/R. 4 B/R # of Baths: __________

Sleeping Capacity:____________ Lockout feature? _________What is the view from your unit? ______________

My maintenance fee is $____________ plus I pay $____________ for ________________________(real estate taxes, reserves, etc.)

Any special assessments coming up for this property that you are aware of? _______Amount: $_________

Material information (disclosures) the Purchaser needs to know:_______________________________________________

Tell us where you've been with your time share! Want to include a personal note in your ad? Write it here!:





Asking sales price for each time share you are selling: $ _______________ (See "What's my time share worth?"

on the next page)

The commission is a flat fee of $1500. All Liens, Mortgages, Maintenance Fees, Special Assessments and Sales Commissions

Shall Be Subtracted From Sales Price. NOTE that if your timeshare is worth less than $1500, our commission is 100% of the

selling price. In other words, we get rid of it for you. NOTE that the lowest commission we charge is $800. For any sale less than

$800 you would pay the difference but only with your acknowledgement, no surprises.

I want to make my offering more attractive. I will also include:_________________________________________

(Suggestions: Banked weeks, RCI or II Membership transfer, this year's maintenance fee, bonus to sales agent, etc.)



Type of Ownership: Deed _______ ; Right-to-Use/Lease/Membership with _________ Years Left; Do you currently owe anything to the resort or is the property financed? Yes, I owe: $___________ No, nothing owed ____

I have read and I understand both Page 1 and Page 2 of this listing agreement and the attached instructions. I/We represent that we have the right to sell the above described property. I/We wish Island Consulting to list for sale the above property and I understand that a commission is earned the moment they bring me a ready, willing and able buyer at my asking price. This agreement is governed by Florida law. Venue for any

action involving this agreement shall be in the court of competent jurisdiction for Sarasota County, Florida.



OWNERS SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________ DATE: ______________

CO-OWNERS SIGNATURE: _______________________________________ DATE: ______________

Accepted by: _______________________For Island Consulting Realty

DATE: _______________

Revised 4.15.15

Whom Do You Trust??

With 28 years experience, we at Island Consulting Realty have seen just about every scheme and scam imaginable. So in deciding whom you should do business with, here are some tips on what to look for, and what to look out for:

1. First, NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances pay money upfront to get your time share sold. If you haven't figured it out

yet, these are sucker bets. They'll hit you for hundreds of dollars for nothing more than an advertisement. They'll promise you giant sums of money for your time share. They'll promise you a sale so fast you'll be cashing the check before the week is out! BUT FIRST! They need your credit card number for a tiny little "advertising" fee (or "appraisal" fee or any of a number of different excuses). Don't be fooled, don't be conned, and don't be scammed. Would you give a real estate agent money before they sell your house? Why do you think this is any different? Pay for results only. They sell the property, they get paid. No excuses, no exceptions. Not exaggerating at all, we get easily 15 calls a day from folks who were scammed once, twice and sometimes even three times before they figured out it was all a con. They still own their time share, and someone else has their money. Sad, but true; there are many companies out there who are in business for nothing more than collecting upfront fees. One red flag is that they call you, not you calling them. These are usually boiler rooms set up with hundreds of phone lines designed to bring in as many suckers as possible. Don't be one of them.

2. Know who can legally sell your time share for you, and who can't. By LAW, the only company who you can hire to sell your

time share for you must be a licensed real estate brokerage. If your time share is located inside the State of Florida, Florida law state the brokerage you use MUST be a Florida Licensed Real Estate Brokerage (like us). Every state in the U.S. now considers time shares to be a real estate transaction. This is true whether your time share is deeded or not, and whether your time share is in the U.S. or not. If the company you hire is not a licensed Real Estate Brokerage, they're nothing more than an advertising agency. They can put an ad on the internet, among thousands of others, and wish you luck. These companies will usually cross the line and promise you great things, all for just a small "advertising" fee of a few hundred dollars. But they deliver nothing. If a buyer calls them, they legally cannot answer questions about the time share on your behalf (that becomes an agency relationship and requires a real estate license and agreement between agent and seller). They cannot collect a deposit on your behalf (that constitutes having an escrow account which is governed by law. Only a licensed Real Estate Brokerage, title agency or title attorney can provide escrow services). They cannot write a contract on your behalf. In other words, all they can do is give the caller your phone number! And for this you paid an upfront fee!

3. Become a buyer for a day! Not really, but pretend. Before you hire a company, give them a test run. Call their office and ask

for information about a listing on their web site (pretending to be a buyer, not a seller). Do they try to switch you to a different property? (giant red flag) Or, ask for help in picking out the right one. Or simply email them about one of their listings. Put some questions together and see how they reply. This is how the buyer of your time share is going to be treated when they call in or email. Is the company working on your behalf? Are they responding quickly to calls or emails? If not, why are you even considering them?

What's My Time Share Worth??

Know your market and your competition. Having a price that is hundreds or thousands of dollars higher than comparable listings only makes the other listings look better! Look at our web site at to see other listings. If you bought your time share direct from the resort, you're going to lose money on a resale, period. And it's going to be a sizable loss. A 60-70% loss is not at all unusual, and it could be more. If anyone tells you different, they're probably asking for hundreds of dollars in "up-front" fees. A buyer will spend hours on the internet shopping and comparing. They will buy the least expensive comparable property they can find, just like you would. There are hundreds of thousands of time shares for sale. Price yours properly and it will sell. Price it too high and you're going to own it until the Earth cools. (We know we didn't just make your day for you with the above info, but we're here to get your time share sold for you and we're going to give it to you straight).


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