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Instructions: Certificate candidates must complete the following substantive and procedural requirements before being awarded a Certificate upon graduation. Please consult with the international law faculty about your certificate course planning during your 2L and 3L years, and submit this completed form to the Registrar no later than 30 days before graduation.


□ (1) CORE COURSE—Successful completion of one of the following:

_____International Law (LWPA 585)

_____International Protection of Human Rights (LAW 572)

□ (2) INTERNATIONAL LAW COURSES—Successful completion of a minimum of at least three of the following courses [for a minimum total of eight credits]:

_____Gender and Law (LAW 547)

_____International Business Transactions (LWPA 579)

_____International Criminal Law (LWPA 564)

_____International Economic Law and Business Law (LWPA 590)

_____International Environmental Law (LWEV 528)

_____International Human Rights Advocacy (LWPA 588)

_____International & Foreign Law Research (LWPA 506)

_____International Intellectual Property (LWPA 596)

_____International Ocean Law (LWEV 593)

_____International Protection of Human Rights (LAW 572) [if not used to meet category (1) above]

_____Transitional Justice and War Crimes Tribunals (LWPA 589)

_____Topics course (LWPA 575)*____________________________________________

_____J-Term course (LAW 546)* ____________________________________________

_____Topics or other international course *______________________________________________

□ (3) COMPARATIVE COURSES (ASIA AND THE PACIFIC): Successful completion of at least one of the following courses [for a minimum total of two credits]:

_____Asian Comparative Labor Law (LWPA 556)

_____Asian-Pacific Insolvency Law (LWPA 553)

_____Chinese Business Law (LWPA 578)

_____Comparative Law (LWPA 587)

_____Japanese Business Law (LWPA 577)

_____Law and Society in China (LWPA 586)

_____Law and Society in Japan (LWPA 514)

_____Law and Society in Korea (LWPA 565)

_____Pacific Islands Legal Systems (LWPA 594)

_____Topics course (LWPA 575)*_________________________________________

_____J-Term courses (LAW546)*_________________________________________

_____Other comparative course*_________________________________________

□ (4) WRITING/MOOT COURT/EXTERNSHIP—successful completion of one of the following, with approval:

_____SYS, Law Thesis or two-credit directed study paper on approved international law topic.

_____Journal article or significant note on international law topic.

_____Participation in Jessup or other international moot court competition.

_____Summer international law externship.

Approved by______________________________Date______________

□ (5) ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE—Maintenance of a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better in all certificate courses, including writing courses. Courses must be taken for letter grades unless offered only on a CR/NC basis.

*With approval, certain Topics and J-Term courses taught by visitors may be counted towards the Certificate requirements.  With approval, courses taken at other law schools, including study abroad, may also be counted towards the certificate requirements. Students are encouraged to consult with their international law faculty adviser each semester to confirm which of these courses might be counted towards the Certificate and should seek approval in advance for courses taken outside the Law School.


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