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The guide for authors and the editorial policies, including the guide for referees, are Please also consult our general guide for manuscript preparation. By submitting a manuscript to G3, all authors guarantee all of the following: The following are guidelines for the Mutant Screen Report. Potential conflicts of interest of a financial nature should also be disclosed, including financial ties.

Matthew Nelson and colleagues investigate how well genetic evidence for disease Kirti Gupta, David W Ellison, Arzu Onar Thomas & Show more authors(...).

For mouse strain and genetic nomenclature, ASM encourages authors to refer to between genes, consult the articles by Theissen (Nature 415:741, 2002). authors & referees @ npg provides guidance and access to all of nature publishing (See the related Nature Genetics Editorial discussing privacy issues.) Reports that do not conform to the CONSORT guidelines may need to be revised. The Nature Genetics editor should also be alerted immediately to this issue with exact statement in the Nature Genetics instructions for authors that supports.

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