Axel Marquez

|Guadalajara, JAL Mexico |Axel Marquez |+52 1 33 1793 8782 |

| | |axel_marqz@ |

| | | |

|Languages and Technologies |

|C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python |

|Azure, core, Angular, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, Kubernetes, Docker, SAP, Git, Azure DevOps |

| |

|Employment |

|Senior .NET Developer |Unosquare |May 2020 - Present |

|Using core, and SQL Server developing Axos Bank’s account aggregation module which syncs customers’ bank accounts between financial |

|institutions, letting them use Axos app for all their accounts |

|Building spending and net worth dashboards, savings recommendations, and forecasts using Angular 11 |

| |Continental Automotive |Aug 2016 – May 2020 |

|Software Engineer | | |

|Using Angular 6, core, and SQL Server developed a web app that let Mexico employees fulfill common Human Resources tasks, like download |

|payslips, requests PTO and overtime, etc. |

|Created a data warehouse of production line failures and afterward using Python implemented a machine learning algorithm that recommended maintenance |

|schedules, thus decreased 15% of downtime |

|Optimized many reports and decreased their generation time by an average of 75% by improving their time complexity from O(n2) to O(n) |

|Decreased licensing costs by merging SAP instances. Using Python and Pandas analyzed, merged, and migrated the required DB tables |

|Developed an SAP app that tracked quality incidents in Continental's products around the world and ensured that the incidents never recurred |

| |Anova |Aug 2015 - Jul 2016 |

|Co-Founder | | |

|Created a responsive web app using Angular.js, MVC, and SQL Server that enabled restaurant owners to forecast sales, track income and expenses, |

|manage product waste, etc. |

|Using Java and Raspberry Pi built IoT devices that connected normal POS printers to our servers and enabled them to print from anywhere |

|Created a Teamcity CI/CD pipeline that automatically tested, merged, and released software changes |

| |Intel |Nov 2014 - Oct 2015 |

|Software Engineer, Intern | | |

|Developed a web app using Angular.js, MVC, and SQL Server that audited testers and ensured the correct usage of processor prototypes; decreased |

|the number of prototypes being illegally sold online |

|Using Python created a framework where testers could build load tests against processors prototypes under Windows and Linux |

|Education |

|Guadalajara, JAL |Universidad del Valle de Atemajac |Aug 2012 – Dec 2015 |

|BSc in Computer Science Engineering. GPA: 3.8. |

| |

|Side Projects |

|Smarthome. Domotized my home using 10 ESP8266 microchips, they control irrigation, doors, lights, and a security system, controllable through a Telegram|

|Bot, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa |

|Using an AI algorithm named YOLOv4 and IP cameras it can also detect persons |

|Hosted in Azure(AKS) using Kubernetes and Docker; events get stored in Cassandra |

| |

|SAP micro-orm (2018). Created an open-source micro ORM that lets you query SAP tables from C# with a LINQ-like syntax, available at Nuget and Github |


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