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Dosage Calculation Practice Sheet

Name______________________________ Date___________ Per______

Use the formula D/H x Q to solve each of the following dosage calculations. Remember to round all answers to the nearest 10th.

1. The physician ordered Mycostatin oral tabs 1,000,000 units. Available are Mycostatin 500,000 oral tabs. How many tablets do you give?

2. The physician ordered 3.75 mg of Coumadin tabs. Available are Coumadin 7.5mg tabs. How many tablets will you give?

3. The physician ordered 10 mg of Hydrocortone. On hand are 20 mg tabs of Hydrocortone. How many tablets do you give?

4. The physician order Lasix 30 mg. Available is Lasix 10mg/ml. How much will you give?

5. The physician ordered Decadron Elixir .075mg per day. Available is Decadron 0.5 mg per 5 ml. How much do you give?

6. The physician ordered Prelone syrup 7.5 mg a day. Available is Prelone syrup 15 mg per 5 ml? how much will you give?

7. The physician ordered Duracef 1500 mg. Available are Duracef 1 gm tabs. How many tabs will you give?

8. The physician ordered Diuril 250mg. Available are Diuril 0.25g tabs. How many tabs will you give?

9. The physician ordered Dramamine 35 mg IM. On hand is Dramamine 50 mg per 1 ml. How many milliliters will you give?

10. The physician ordered Nubain 10 mg IM. On hand is Nubain 20 mg/1 ml. How much do you give?


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