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Most annuity owners got their annuity from their stockbroker. Others purchased their annuity through their insurance agent. These are probably the worst places to obtain an annuity and I’ll tell you why.

Most securities firms offer a limited choice (5 to 10) annuities to their clients. The annuities offered are often selected by which pay the securities firm the highest commission or which provide trips to the brokers. For example, I know of no securities firm that offers a true fixed rate annuity (where the rate is locked in for the entire term) to their clients. That’s because the commissions are lower on these types of annuities. The client is instead offered an annuity with a rate fixed for only one year that changes thereafter. And most times, it changes to a lower interest rate.

If you really want no choice, get an annuity from your insurance agent. If your insurance agent is an employee of their insurance company, he will only offer you one annuity--the one from his company!

If you want the widest choice to select the best annuity for yourself, get it through an independent agent or independent financial planner. These people are not tied into any one company or group of companies. They are free to shop the market and find you the best match for your needs.

Senior Resources acts as an independent agent. We work with many annuity companies and are always shopping the market for the best rates. You never pay any commissions (these are paid by the insurance company to us). Before you make an annuity purchase and get locked into a policy that’s not as good as you can get, please give us a call. Check the country’s best rates anytime, by calling us at 800-xxx-xxxx.


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