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Last month you ordered our annuity booklet, “Annuity Owner Mistakes.”

The booklet shows not only how to protect the full value of your annuity, but also gives tips on how to purchase annuities. Here are some additional items to watch out for:

1. Your stockbroker or bank is not the best place to obtain an annuity! Why? They have only limited offerings and are locked in by their firms to deal with only a few companies -- so-called “captive” agents. So, while there are over 1,000 annuity companies, your broker or bank probably offers only 5 or 6 annuities at most. Our firm, Senior Solutions, is an independent agent. Our only allegiance is to you, not some insurance company. So we constantly search for the safest companies with the best rates. If you want an annuity or need to rollover a matured annuity, get the best deal from your broker, then call us to compare!

2. Don’t be seduced by “teaser rates!” Some annuity companies offer first year “teaser” rates up to 10%. That sounds great for the first year, but then you find yourself locked in for 9 more years and the insurance company only pays you 4.75% for the remaining 9 years! These deals look good at first, but are not good for you. We strongly recommend you find companies willing to lock in your rate. For example, one of the high quality companies we deal with -- and we only deal with A or higher rated companies -- offers 6.0% fixed for the entire period!

3. Consider new options. Index annuities are becoming extremely popular. These annuities pay interest each year based on the increase in the stock market. One annuity company offers this great deal:

▪ Interest paid equal to 55% of the increase in the stock market.

▪ Minimum annual interest guarantee of 5.3%.

▪ Seven-year term.

So, you can earn at least 4% each year, with no limit on how much you could earn. Now that’s a great deal for you!

We’d be delighted to assist you in getting the best deals. We uncover new opportunities each month, so feel free to call me directly at 800-xxx-xxxx for the latest information.


Joseph Advisor

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