Complete the sentences by putting the adjectives into the superlative form.

1. It is ten miles from ________________________________ (near) town.

2. This is ________________________________ (long) river in the world.

3. We’ve just climbed ________________________________ (high) mountain in this country.

4. John is ________________________________ (tall) boy in our form.

5. She always buys ________________________________ (expensive) clothes.

6. They are ________________________________ (nice) people we have ever met.

7. Which watch is ________________________________ (cheap)?

8. She lives in ________________________________ (old) cottage in the village.

9. The Scots are ________________________________ (superstitious) people I know.

10. Don’t ask him, he is ________________________________ (busy) person I’ve ever met!

11. He should win the game, he is ________________________________ (good).

12. I have had ________________________________ (wonderful) holiday of my life.

13. It is ________________________________ (interesting) story I have ever heard.

14. This is ________________________________ (small) insect now living on the earth.

15. Yesterday was ________________________________ (happy) day of my life.

16. Who is ________________________________ (intelligent) in the class?

17. The doctor says it is ________________________________ (serious) illness Tom has ever had.

18. This is ________________________________ (bad) joke I have ever heard.

19. He is certainly ________________________________ (slow) pupil in the class.

20. It has been ________________________________ (cold) winter for years.





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