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26 May 2016 (JA)

1 The School[1] must annually distribute a notice of the availability of all consumer information to all enrolled students

The US government requires [under 34 CFR 668.41(a)] that this publication is provided to an individual on a one-to-one basis through mailing or publication. Hence it is being included within our website.

Where information disclosed is on a website, the notice includes the electronic address and the University will provide a paper copy on request

We are also required to include information about student rights under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) which are fully explained at

The School is subject to UK law where data and privacy is controlled by the Data Protection Act which is available at

2 Staff Availability

The number of students receiving Title IV is too small to justify a full-time available member of staff dedicated to administration of Title IV loans.

However loans are administered by Jo Arden and all enquiries can be directed to

3 Financial Aid Information and Application

All information about your eligibility for federal loans (Direct Lending) and what loans are available to you is at . To be eligible for federal loans,

• You must be eligible after application through FAFSA - which gives your eligibility and

dependency status and listed this university as one of your schools on FAFSA

• You must be studying a degree course [Bachelor, Master, Doctor] at this university

• You must be studying at least full time on this campus

• You must not be on any course which involves

▪ study in USA

▪ study at another school not eligible for loans in its own right

▪ compulsory placement or internship at anywhere which is eligible for loans in its own right

• You must be aware the rules for loans at foreign schools are not the same as for schools in the USA

• You must only follow this school's instructions

• You must not seek advice from anyone who is not a specialist in foreign school regulations – you will only have to do everything again properly.

All information about all university financial student assistance for

which you might qualify is included on the US Loans webpage.

4 The School must describe the rights and responsibilities of students receiving federal student aid

The criteria for continued eligibility in your academic and loan program for your government are described at

The School's eligibility criteria are that you

• continue to make academic progress

• continue to study at least half time

• complete any counselling you are required to take (entrance at the start of your studies, exit counselling before your final disbursement each year and when you complete your studies.

Rights and responsibilities regarding your loans are fully described in the compulsory entrance and exit counselling you will be required to undertake as a condition of your loans and which will be audited. Similarly

• Terms and conditions of any loans

• Sample repayment schedule for sample loans

• Necessity of repaying loans

• Student loan information published by the Department

Disbursements dates and values are available in the Cost of Attendance spreadsheet which you will be required to complete as a part of your loan application pack.

There are no conditions and terms applicable to any employment provided as part of the financial assistance package as there is no any employment provided as part of the financial assistance package

1 Satisfactory Academic Progress

Before we make your second and third disbursement we will require certain information from you. We will ask for proof of your attendance (for UKVI purposes you should be signing in weekly to lectures), as well as proof that you are making satisfactory academic progress, as specified in University Policy. You will be advised of this by email in November and again at the end of February/early March.

5 The School must make available information about the cost of attending the school

The full Cost of Attendance (CoA) can be accessed within the US Loans webpage.

The CoA will cover:-

• Tuition and fees

• Books and supplies

• Room and board

• Transportation

• Additional costs for a program in which a student is enrolled or expresses a specific interest

6 Refunds and R2T4

If you withdraw from your course, suspend status, drop below half-

time enrolment, or otherwise become ineligible for US federal loans,

you must email  immediately.

Please do not wait for the change to be approved by your college or

department before contacting us.

Under US federal law, the University is required to report any changes

to your enrolment within tight timescales and, if necessary, to

complete a Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculation and arrange for any

'unearned' loan funds to be returned to the US Department of

Education. You may also have to return unearned funds and we will

provide advice on this.

The key facts are summarised below.

Key facts

• The US loans team will calculate the amount of Title IV program assistance that has been earned, using a formula provided by the US Department of Education.

• Once you have completed more than 60% of the payment period, all the assistance that you were scheduled to receive for that period is considered to have been earned. As an example, if you complete 30% of the payment period, you have earned 30% of the assistance you were originally scheduled to receive within that loan period. If you have completed 60% of the payment period, you have earned 100% of the assistance you were scheduled to receive.

• If you received more assistance than was earned, the excess funds must be returned to the US Department of Education by you and/or the University. If you received (or the University received on your behalf) less assistance than the amount earned, you may be able to receive those additional funds as a post-withdrawal disbursement. 

• The requirements for Title IV program funds when you withdraw are separate from the University's refund policy. Therefore, you may still owe funds to the University to cover unpaid institutional charges. The University may attempt to collect any Title IV program funds from you that the University is required to return.

• Under specific conditions, a leave of absence (LOA, or suspension of studies) for less than 180 days in a 12 month period may qualify as an 'approved' leave of absence. If you are granted an 'approved' LOA, you are not considered to have withdrawn, and no Return calculation is required. During the LOA, the University will not charge you any additional institutional charges, your financial need will not increase, and therefore, you will not be eligible for any disbursements of federal student aid. If you are granted an approved LOA you will maintain in-school status for Title IV loan repayment purposes.

• If you do not attend even initial lectures or seminars you are ineligible to receive any Title IV funds and all loan proceeds will be returned to the US Department of Education. You will be liable for any fees or outstanding balances owed to the college or University.

R2T4 is the US Ed Dept regulation for repaying unearned loan money. This is broadly that for each day in attendance and studying between disbursements [or to the end of the final term if the final disbursement of the year] is "earned" as a percentage of the days in that period. The rest is "unearned" and must be returned.

Here's a simple example

|term starts |01-Oct-14 | | | |

|term ends |31-Dec-14 | | | |

|Total days |91 | |Disbursed |$15,000 |

| | | |shared as … |

|withdraw |05-Nov-14 | |School |Student |

|days earned |35 | |$5,000 |$10,000 |

|% earned |38% |Value earned |$1,923 |$3,846 |

|Value unearned to be repaid |$3,077 |$6,154 |

The full details of R2T4 comprise the whole of volume 5 of the FSA Handbook at

For a detailed assessment of the financial implications of withdrawal, contact the person responsible for Financial Aid before you make the decision to withdraw.

7 Academic Programmes

The prospectus contains all the details of

• Current degree and other educational and training programs

• Instructional, laboratory, and other physical plant facilities that relate to the academic program

• Faculty and other instructional personnel

• Names of accrediting agencies and governmental bodies that approve, accredit or license the school

• Include procedures for obtaining or reviewing documents describing accreditation, approval or licensing

• Any plans by the school for improving the academic program (upon determination by the school that such a plan exists)

A printed copy of the prospectus may be ordered from


or you can contact Marketing and Student Recruitment directorate on Telephone number +44 (0) 161 295 4545 or email using the attached link

8 Retention & Completion Rates

The completion or graduation rate of certificate or degree-seeking students including employment rates along with all other statistics regarding not just Salford but all UK universities are collected annually by HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency) and published in full at

Whilst the US Ed Dept would prefer this to be disaggregated by:

▪ Gender

▪ Major racial/ethnic subgroups

▪ Recipients of Federal Pell Grant, FFEL/DL (Other than unsubsidized Stafford loan)

▪ Recipients of neither Pell Grant nor FFEL/DL (Other than unsubsidized Stafford loan)

This is not required if the number would not yield statistically reliable information or would reveal personally identifiable information and on that basis this school has not made these disaggregation’s.

9 Fire Safety

We comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Order

(Fire Safety) 2005 legislation

, and associated best practice standards.

The school is subjected to inspections by the Fire and Rescue Authority to ensure implementation of the legislation.

To view the school’s policies, procedures and fire risk assessment for each of our premises, carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, please visit our Health and Safety Website

10 Crime statistics

For full and independent details of all campus crime, go to


and enter the school's postcode or the postcode of your residence to see details of all crimes in those areas.

11 Placement Rates

Employment rates are published through HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency) for all the universities in the UK and are available at

These are the only statistics published for recruitment purposes.

12 Graduate Professional Information

The Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey is available from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) . The timeframes and methodology associated with this survey are also explained on this website. Oxford specific data is linked from the University Careers and Employability service .

For undergraduate courses, you can also view useful statistics from the DLHE survey and National Student Survey via the Key Information Sets available through Unistats .

13 Additional Disclosures

1 Vaccines

There are no institutional policies regarding vaccines beyond those required by the UK Government for entry to the UK.

2 Admissions policy and any policies regarding transfers

These are available at and

14 Services and facilities for students with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities

The School has a wide range of facilities for students with disabilities. These are all fully explained at

15 Education Records and Privacy

The School is subject to the UK Data Protection Law. Details of the law are available at

Students have the right to review educational records.

Full information regarding the School's data policy, and how to access what the School holds about you, go to

In accordance with the Data protection Act, the School will charge a fee for each subject access request that is made, although where it is shown that inaccurate personal information is held, this charge shall be waived.

Information required to be disclosed under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 34 C.F.R Part 99 is under US Law. The school is solely subject to UK Law.

16 Copyright Infringement

The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing, will be subject to civil or criminal liabilities under UK law.

Intellectual property and publication copying rights are safeguarded - more details are at .

17 Textbook Information Disclosure

Individual lecturers and tutors and course detail may provide recommended reading lists, but these are purely recommendations for reading and student’s are free to read or borrow or purchase as they please; or not as they please. Please see .

18 Education Loans Code of Conduct

All staff are subject to the University's regulations for information governance.

These are available at

19 Private Loans Disclosures

US Ed Dept regulations require that students are given Notice that terms/conditions of Title IV loans may be more favorable than private education loans. This information is available at

Schools are also required to inform students of all private loan lenders that are willing to make loans to its students. The only lender willing to lend to students attending foreign schools is Sallie Mae. As this is fewer than three lenders, this is not considered a preferred lender list. The School is not endorsing this lender and the borrowers may choose any lender they can find which is willing to lend to students at foreign schools without any financial obligation on the part of the school.

20 Gainful Employment

The school does not teach any "gainful Employment" courses for which students with loans are eligible. Loans are only eligible for degree courses and degree courses are not "Gainful Employment" courses.

21 Athletic Programme Disclosures

The School has no athletic programmes.

22 Enrolment Information on Drug Related Offences

• At enrollment, the school must provide the student with separate, clear and conspicuous notice regarding penalty for federal or state convictions of drug-related offenses while receiving Title IV assistance

• If a student loses eligibility for this reason, the school must notify the student of loss of eligibility and ways to regain eligibility

The University has the following policies:


[1] The term School refers to the University of Salford in this document


In order to avoid copyright disputes, this page is only a partial summary.

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